Whatsapp Animated Stickers Feature | Update Your Whtasapp

WhatsApp has recently launched animated stickers for both Android and iOS apps and you can start using them now. You just need to make sure that your app is updated to the latest version, otherwise these animated stickers will not be visible to you, nor will you be able to use them. Whatsapp Animated Stickers Feature | Update Your Whtasapp. WhatsApp’s animated stickers are here for everyone to use. Haven’t tried them yet? Here’s what you need to do.

Whatsapp Animated Stickers Feature | Update Your Whtasapp

You can find these animated stickers app at the same place where WhatsApp stores all the stickers. Before you start using them, go to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to make sure your WhatsApp is up to date.Unlock this Feature with new Updated version of Whatsapp and Enjoy sending or Receiving new Stickers, Instead Emojis.

Once you are ready to leave, here’s what you should do next –

  • – Open any chat on WhatsApp and tap on the emoji button.
  • – Choose the sticker option and click the + ‘icon.
  • – Here, you will find the list of sticker packs which are available for download.
  • – New animated stickers have a play button at the top to make them easier to identify.
  • – To download these animated sticker packs just tap on the down arrow icon.
  • – Once downloaded you will see them in the sticker tab and you can use them the same way you use your normal non-animated stickers

Whatsapp Animated Stickers Feature

You can save your friends by sharing your stickers as you save stickers. Click on the sticker and add to favorites.

Right now, WhatsApp has some animated sticker packs like Chum Chum Chums, Rico’s Sweet Life, Playful Piyomaru, Bright Days and Moody Foodies – which are not much of an option. But of course new packs will be added soon. You can always delete these packs whenever you want.

For More information click Playstore/whatsapp massanger

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