Use Double Whatsapp in single phone | Whatsapp Clone

Nowadays, most smartphones have a dual sim option. In such a situation, it will come to your mind whether it is possible to use WhatsApp from both numbers. If this comes to your mind, then tell you that it is absolutely possible. Nowadays, the feature of ‘app cloning’ is already present in most smartphones. It can be in the name of App Cloning, Dual App or App Twin. Clicking here will open the entire list in front of you. All the apps in the list will be cloned. Meaning, if the list includes Messenger and Facebook, then you can run two Messenger and two Facebook in one phone. Use Double Whatsapp in single phone | Whatsapp Clone. Any One can use two WahtsApp account in one phone with help of Dual Whatsapp or WhatsApp Clone.

Use Double Whatsapp in single phone | Whatsapp Clone
How to use ‘app clone’? Follow This Steps..

  • 1. Go to Settings and click on the option of App Clone. You can also change its name there.
  • 2. Go back to Home Screen from Settings and click on the Clone app.
  • 3. You will be asked for a number here. The number from which you want to use another WhatsApp is to type the number.
  • 4. Message will be sent from that number for number verification.
  • 5. After OTP verification, you have to proceed by accepting all the options. After the process is complete, you will be able to run two WhatsApp in one phone.

Follow this method if there is no dual app option

If you are not getting the option of dual app in the settings or your smartphone does not have this facility then there is no need to panic. We are going to tell you how two accounts can be run. For this, you will have to download apps like App Cloner, Multi Accounts, 2 Lines for Whazzap, CM AppClone from Play Store. Through this, you can run two accounts in one smartphone.

If you Don’t understand this process watch this video..

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