One Plus Camera Feature Banned | Take Transparent Pictures

In the latest flagship phone of OnePlus, users got to see a unique feature. With the help of this feature found in the phone’s camera, X-ray vision users were getting it. This means that users could see many plastic items and clothes through the phone’s camera. This camera feature has now been disabled forever. One Plus Camera Feature Banned | Take Transparent Pictures. This Feature called X-Ray Vision comes in One Plus 8 pro now banned for Security Reason.

One Plus Camera Feature Banned | Take Transparent Pictures

OnePlus 8 Pro, the flagship device from smartphone company OnePlus, has been launched in the past and one of its camera features has been banned. The photochrome sensor in the OnePlus camera could see through thin plastic and some clothing. Due to this ‘X-ray vision‘ of the camera, many users raised questions about privacy and now this feature has been completely banned.

A software update from the company has been rolled out for the new device and after this update the camera of the phone will not be able to see things and clothes across. Prior to this update, a lot of users clicked photos using the phone’s X-ray camera feature and have also shared it on social media. We have brought you the pictures before the ban on this special camera feature of OnePlus.

Photo by t-shirt in Transparent Camera

Pictures shared on social media showed that OnePlus’s infrared lens can see through the case of many gadgets and the photos show wiring and batteries. Another picture surprised the users, in which a text written inside the t-shirt could be read with the help of a camera. The camera feature of OnePlus was first detected by US tech commentator Ben Jeskin in May and shared photos on Twitter

One Plus Camera Feature Banned | Take Transparent Pictures Inside view of gadgets

Ben had posted a video on his Twitter account showing that OnePlus’s photochrome camera was able to see through the plastic case of the Apple TV set-top box. Photos and videos posted by other users also brought similar results. It was also revealed that the thin black t-shirt can also be seen with the help of this camera feature. However, this feature was able to see only through certain types of material.

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